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Follow The Leadership of CPC --HPMM Group celebrated the 99th Anniversary of the Founding of the Party and held the commendation meeting for outstanding party members

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On July 7, 2020, on the occasion of the 99th anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China, representatives of HPMM Group party members and party activists reviewed the glorious history of the Communist Party of China in 99 years; commended the advanced and learned from the example around them; revisited the oath and remembered the original intention mission.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, the conference began with the loud "National Anthem". HPMM's party committee secretary, deputy party secretary, chairman and general manager, major leaders of secondary companies and directly affiliated units also participated in the meeting. Comrade Chen Baogang, member of the group's party committee and chairman of the labor union, presided over the meeting.

The party committee of Xisi Town, Haicheng City attaches great importance to and supports the party building work of enterprises, and the town party committee secretary and the town party committee organization members are invited to attend the conference. More than 120 people from the group's second-tier companies and units directly affiliated to the group participated in the meeting and took the oath together.

Comrade Li Wenliang, deputy secretary and chairman of the HPMM Group’s party committee, gave a report on the work of party building. The report pointed out: the outstanding party members of the company inherit the style of hard work, carry forward the spirit of pioneering and innovation, actively participate in the production and construction of the enterprise, and work hard for the group to catch up No fear of hard work, conscientious work, no complaints or regrets. They interpret the party's advanced nature and show the party's glorious image with practical actions. Their advanced deeds and lofty spirit fully demonstrate the good spirit of the party members to work hard and strive for excellence. Of course, in the process of reform and development, the party organizations at all levels of the group and the majority of party members have also worked hard and made outstanding contributions. The outstanding party members commended this time are advanced models emerging from the party members of the group's grassroots party branch. The group party committee called on all party members to learn from outstanding party members and use them as an example. Achievements are hard-won, and there is a long way to go for development. We must cherish the trust and trust of the party organization, and cherish the ardent expectations of employees, and strive to build HPMM Group into a better place.

Comrade Zhao Lin, member of the group’s party committee and general manager of the group, announced the HPMM’s Party Committee [2020] No. 2 document: "Decision on Recognizing HPMM’s Excellent Communist Party Members in 2020". Afterwards, the comrades who were rated as outstanding Communists came to the stage to receive the awards, and the leaders gave them certificates and took photos with the outstanding comrades.

Chairman Chen Baogang informed the conference of the group’s party committee’s consideration and nomination of 13 comrades as candidates for new party member development; and informed the situation that 10 prospective party members will become full party members. After that, we solemnly swore to the party, and all official party members at the meeting reviewed the party oath and swore to the party again.

Comrade Wang Zhengquan, secretary of the HPMM Group Party Committee, delivered an important speech at the meeting. He said: We are facing a new era, new mission, new tasks and new requirements. Let us further strengthen party building and give full play to the party branch under the strong leadership of the group party committee. Fighting fortresses and leading role models of party members, unifying thinking, pioneering and innovating, and fully devoting themselves to the various work of enterprise mixed reform, in order to achieve the goal of "100-year enterprise", to achieve the goal of "two centenary", and to realize the Chinese nation Great rejuvenation and unremitting struggle!

In his speech, Comrade Wang Zhitao, Secretary of the Party Committee of Xisi Town, reviewed the 99-year history of the Chinese Communist Party with everyone, and highly summarized the history of the Chinese Communist Party's continuous victory.

In the summary of the meeting, Chairman Chen Baogang called on grassroots party organizations and party members to stay true to their original aspirations and keep their mission in mind, guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, combined with the actual work of the enterprise, and guided by party building , Closely centering on the economic development and construction center of the enterprise, with the courage to overcome difficulties and the spirit of pioneering and enterprising, lead the staff to make due positive contributions to the promotion of the group's new round of reform and development and innovative development.

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