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Drive Project Forward By Enterprise’s Mixed Reform--Group general manager visited Dalian project site for investigation

Liao Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd. Time: 2020-06-03 14:25:34

On June 2, the general manager of the Group Zhao Lin accompanied by the deputy chief engineer Yin Yuming and the office director Zhao Song went to the site of Liaoning Off-Shore Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. to investigate the progress and safety management of the Dalian project.

The Dalian project is a high-end offshore equipment technology innovation industrial park project deployed by the group. It is currently in the planning and construction period. After completion, it will realize the localization of high-tech ships and marine engineering equipment with independent intellectual property rights. This key projects with R&D and production capacity fill the gaps in the domestic technology field.


At the survey site, Liu Jie, general manager of Liaoning Offshore Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. gave a detailed report on the progress of the project. General Manager Zhao Lin carefully understood the progress of the project and the problems that occurred, had detailed conversations with relevant personnel about the problems, and personally boarded the ten-meter-high work area, communicated with the construction staff. He put forward requirements for the construction safety status and personnel safety protection on the spot: Regarding the rainy season construction, it is necessary to ensure that safety management is not relaxed and personnel operations are guaranteed. The engineering supervision center is required to take responsibility and ensure safe production.

After the on-site investigation, a symposium was held in the company’s Conference Room. At the meeting, Liu Jie's report on the specific situation of the project and the current needs of the group to solve and determine was heard. Responsible persons made speeches. At the meeting, General Manager Zhao Lin clarified the importance of project advancement and required Dalian Company to work closely with the Engineering Supervision Center of the Group’s Operation and Production Department to do a good job in related work. The professional technical issues involved at the meeting should be resolved in the form of a special meeting. . At the same time, the importance of safety is emphasized again. The summer vacation is approaching, and the on-site construction workers must be protected against heatstroke. Li Chunkai, deputy secretary of the group’s party committee, attended the meeting and believed that the arrival of General Manager Zhao Lin was an encouragement to all the cadres and employees of the Dalian company, and an emphasis on and support for the Dalian project. The cadres on the scene were required to be aware of the overall situation and must work hard from all parties. Make the project productive as soon as possible.

This survey is an important activity during the period of the group's system reform, which reflects the group's support and attention to the projects of the branch companies. At the same time, from the perspective of service, it effectively solves the problems and difficulties of the branch companies in the production and operation. At the same time, it also issued a call to all branch companies that all enterprises should do a good job in production and operation construction, emancipate their minds, inspire spirits, pioneer and innovate, and be courageous to take responsibilities, and incorporate the spirit of the group party committee’s "Opinions on Creating a New Chapter for HPMM Group Development" into actual work, we will strive hard for the 100-year corporate goal of HPMM.

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