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Win-Win Cooperation For Cross-Border Oilfield--Sino-Russian Regional Cooperation Development Investment Fund and HPMM Group have reached a strategic cooperation

Liao Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd. Time: 2020-06-01 09:45:50

Chairman Wang Feng, Executive Director Wang Jian, and Deputy General Manager Chen Jian of the Sino-Russian Regional Cooperation Development Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. came to the headquarters of HPMM Group to discuss cooperation on investment projects at the end of May. HPMM Group Party Secretary Wang Zhengquan, Chairman Li Wenliang, Ruifeng General Manager Geng Chao and other leaders gave a warm reception, and accompanied them to visit the honor exhibition hall and intelligent workshop of the group.

The Sino-Russian regional fund was established with the approval of the State Council and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. It was initiated and established by the State Power Investment Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation. It implements government guidance and market-oriented operation, and focuses on supporting the Sino-Russian region and in line with the "Belt and Road" initiative. The third-country and regional cooperation projects are mainly invested in nuclear energy industry, military-civilian integration industry, infrastructure, financial services, modern agriculture, industrial park development, urban renewal and other fields.

As an important strategic investment platform that directly receives the attention and support of the heads of state of China and Russia to promote our country’s “Belt and Road” construction, since President Xi announced the official establishment of the Sino-Russian Regional Fund, the two heads of state and the Chinese and Russian governments have strongly supported the work of the fund Driven by the promotion, all aspects of the fund's business were carried out in an orderly manner, and the fundraising and high-quality project reserves achieved remarkable results.

The Sino-Russian Regional Cooperation Development Investment Fund’s visit to HPMM Group aims to establish a project cooperation relationship between the two parties and connect the country’s “One Belt One Road” construction and advancement. Provide strong support for the development of equipment and other fields, so as to determine the strategic cooperation relationship between the two parties' key projects in the future and promote internationalization. The two parties had a lively conversation at the symposium, and clarified the intention of in-depth cooperation in the future.

Secretary Wang Zhengquan expressed a warm welcome to Chairman Wang Feng and his party for visiting the group, and briefly introduced the group's basic situation, industrial composition and development direction. He pointed out that he hopes that in the future, relying on the resources and technology advantages of both parties in this field, they can establish a more stable and closer cooperative relationship.

Chairman Wang Feng expressed his gratitude to HPMM for the warm reception, and briefly introduced the current situation of the Sino-Russian regional fund and recent development ideas. The main investment methods of the fund include equity, quasi-equity, investment funds, overseas bonds, and cross-border guarantees. Initially established nuclear power generation, clean energy, people's livelihood, "One Belt One Road" infrastructure, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline fishing, high-tech and equipment manufacturing, and tertiary industries including finance as key investment areas, and will focus on investment in China and Russia Strategic key cooperation projects between the two governments, high-quality market-oriented projects between China and Russia, and national and regional cooperation projects under the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Based on HPMM Group's existing deep software and hardware basic resources, the Sino-Russian Regional Fund is very optimistic about the future development of HPMM Group and intends to establish in-depth cooperative relations in the future. The two parties will implement the "Belt and Road" initiative, carry out strategic cooperation, give full play to their respective industrial and resource advantages, and develop multi-field, multi-level and multi-form all-round cooperative relations in oil drilling equipment, new energy industry, and transportation equipment, to realize complementary advantages, mutual benefits and win-win development.

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