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Exploring the two-way training mechanism for college talents - Liaoning University of Technology and HPMM Group cooperate in running schools

Liao Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd. Time: 2020-05-19 09:34:13


On the morning of May 12th, Li Weimin, Vice President of Liaoning University of Technology, Li Gang, Vice Dean of School of Automobile, Zhang Ruifeng, Vice Dean of School of Design and other school leaders, Director of Anshan Science and Technology Bureau Gao Dazhuang, Director of Achievement Transformation Division Guan Sheng, Haicheng Development and Reform Bureau Secretary Miao Decheng and other relevant leaders came to HPMM Group to negotiate with HPMM Group for joint education. HPMM Party Secretary Wang Zhengquan, Chairman Li Wenliang and other leaders warmly received the guests.

The leaders of the municipal government, the college and the group conducted a lively discussion and negotiation in the conference room on the third floor of the HPMM headquarters. Miao Decheng, secretary of the Haicheng Development and Reform Bureau, chaired the meeting. On behalf of the Haicheng government leaders, Miao Decheng welcomed the leaders of Liaoning University of Technology to Haicheng and thanked HPMM for the warm reception. Liaoning University of Technology came to have two issues this time, one is to choose a location in Haicheng to run a school; the other is to have in-depth exchanges and docking with HPMM Group for cooperation in running schools.

At the meeting, HPMM Party Secretary Wang Zhengquan introduced the business scope and corporate development of the four sectors of the group including machinery manufacturing, drilling engineering, oil field development, and finance. Secretary Wang expressed his gratitude to the Anshan Haicheng Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for its strong support to the enterprise. Liaoning University of Technology came to the enterprise to jointly run schools, which is to help the enterprise. After HPMM and the state-owned enterprises have been reformed and introduced China Railway Combined Transport project, technological innovation and technological R&D are very necessary, especially in today's rapidly changing science and technology field, no innovation will lag behind.A Successful cooperative running schools with Liaoning University of Technology provides us with technical support, which will play the role of the core brain and charge us. The follow-up development of an enterprise requires a large number of highly educated technical talents. Our enterprise adheres to the core leadership of the party. The enterprise is full of positive energy. This is a good condition and environment for attracting and retaining more talents. This time we will do our best to run the school. .

Li Weimin, vice president of Liaoning University of Technology, introduced the situation of the school at the meeting, focusing on the goals and tasks of setting up the school in Haicheng. He expressed his gratitude to Secretary Wang for his attention to running the school. The modern intelligent workshop of HPMM Group is a good student internship. Places and teaching bases. He said that after settled in the HPMM Group, we will be a member of the group, and we will do our work well, become stronger, and do our best.

At the meeting, several academic experts from the school gave a detailed introduction on the school's scientific research results, experimental equipment, and student quality. Relevant leaders from Anshan Haicheng expressed their full support for Liaoning University of Technology to settle in Haicheng and provide services in place.

This school-enterprise joint school operation has established a new platform for school-enterprise cooperation and promoted the integration of production and education. It is a new measure to improve the quality of higher education application-oriented personnel training. At the same time, it has strengthened the information communication and emotional exchanges between universities and enterprises, and promoted the training of school talents to accurately meet the needs of enterprises. It provides new ideas, new models and new measures for deepening the integration of production and education and collaborative education in the future. 

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