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Work Together for HPMM’s Future--HPMM Group held the 2019-2020

Liao Liaohe Drilling Engineering Co.,Ltd. Time: 2020-06-30 11:11:11

In the summer season, the mountains and rivers are bright, and the breeze is smooth. In this vibrant season, we ushered in the 19th national “Safety Production Month” with the theme of “Eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and strengthening safety lines”. In order to continue to deepen the "Safety Month" activities, further create a safe development atmosphere.

At 1:30 pm on June 23, HPMM Group Labor Union, in accordance with the spirit of the Group Party Committee's "Opinions on Further Unifying Thoughts, Encouraging Spirit, Pioneering and Innovating, and Taking the Role to Create a New Chapter for HPMM Group Development", combined with the actual work of the group, and at the same time cooperated with the safety month activities , Organize the group’s branches and directly affiliated departments to hold the 2019-2020 “Security Cup” competition commendation meeting; at the same time, hold a speech contest with the theme of “concentrate and compose a new chapter and contribute to the development of the enterprise” and “eliminate accidents” A safety knowledge contest with the theme of "Hidden Dangers and Building a Strong Security Line".

The vice chairman of the Haicheng City Federation of Labor Unions, the minister of labor protection, the appointed minister, the chairman of the labor union of the Haicheng Economic Development Zone and the leaders of HPMM Group attended the meeting.

Chen Baogang, chairman of the labor union of HPMM Group, delivered a speech: Since the launch of the safety month, under the correct leadership of the group’s party committee and the group’s team, the work safety has been unprecedentedly improved, and the safety culture has achieved fruitful results. Cadres and employees in the production line have been effectively protected The purpose of holding a safety knowledge contest today is to improve the safety management level of managers, improve the safety awareness of the majority of employees, and ensure safe production of enterprises.

The first content of the conference was to commend the selected work safety model and the winning teams of each branch. The group leaders presented awards to the elected model and the winning teams and encouraged them to continue their efforts.

The second content of the conference is the safety knowledge contest. There are 10 representative teams participating in the knowledge contest, and each representative team has given full play to their wisdom and teamwork to launch fierce competition.

The third content of the conference is a speech contest with the theme of "Concentrate and compose a new chapter together, and contribute to the development of the enterprise". The speeches of the contestants on the stage have their own characteristics. They used real, vivid and touching deeds to explain their in-depth understanding of the theme of "concentrating together, composing a new chapter, and contributing to the development of the enterprise".

For many years, the HPMM Group Party Committee has paid attention to safety work, and the group labor union has been concerned about the occupational health of employees, and has carried out the "Security Cup" competition and "Safety Month" activities for many years. Through activities such as safety knowledge competitions, speech contests, safety knowledge training, board newspaper tour exhibitions, fire escape drills, etc., the team awareness and safety awareness of all employees of the company have been strengthened; employees’ sense of belonging and honor to the company has been enhanced; employees have been enriched The life of the company has created a strong atmosphere of safe production culture; it has improved the staff’s speech eloquence and ability to perform on-site. At the same time, it provides a platform for group speech lovers to show their self-worth. It is of great significance for guiding young employees to establish a correct outlook on life and values, and will enable more employees to contribute to the development of the company.

At 4:10 pm, the conference ended successfully.

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