Well Drilling Engineering

Our company has complete drilling engineering technical services. The drilling engineering business includes a variety of onshore drilling engineering services. It is currently one of the most powerful large-scale onshore drilling engineering companies in China. It can operate in plains, Gobi, swamps, waters. We provide relevant drilling and processing services in various surface conditions such as deserts, mountains, towns and other harsh weather environments. The company is well-equipped and advanced in technology, with various large-sized, medium-sized and small-sized series drilling rigs such as ZJ10DB、ZJ20K、ZJ30K、ZJ30DB、ZJ40K、ZJ40LDB、ZJ50DB、ZJ70LDB、ZJ70DB、ZJ10、ZJ15、ZJ20、ZJ30 and etc which used for the construction and supporting technical services of various well types such as drilling and directional wells within 9000 meters.

Workover Engineering

The company has more than 20 sets of various formation testing equipment with advanced oil testing engineering technology, and advanced workover rig, lifting equipment of wheeled and other workover rigs, as well as a complete range of formation testing equipment, also with a complete set of well control system, kill manifold, various gas detection and protection devices and separators, surface metering equipment and other main formation testing equipment, and can adapt to various harsh surface conditions and complex geological conditions for formation testing and workover operations .

Well Cementation Engineering

The company can undertake deep wells, ultra-deep wells, directional wells, cluster wells, inclined wells, horizontal wells and other well-type oil and gas well design and cementing operations. And has the ability to provide cementing engineering design services for various well types, as well as cementing site operation technical supervision and guidance services. We have a large number of senior engineers, engineers, senior technicians, technicians and senior workers who have completed cementing experiences in different areas and under various working conditions, can independently complete cementing design, cementing operation, and has domestic advanced cementing design software, with CPT-Y4 double-pump cement truck, GJC40-17 cement truck, GJC44-21 cement truck, 70-30 double-pump cement truck, double-pump cement truck to be the main large-scale cementing equipment and a full set of mud testing equipment, cement mixing equipment, the daily capacity of 10 wells.

Overhaul Side Tracking

The company has ZJ30, IR-750, K650, XJ650 and other types of drilling and workover rig, can undertake shallow drilling, sidetracking, overhaul and other tasks. At the same time of optimizing and perfecting the repair technology of the conventional casing damage well, the company has actively carried out the introduction and application of the new technology, which has greatly improved the repair and utilization level of the casing damage well. The company has established a perfect quality assurance system, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 and other quality system certification, the pursuit of perfect technology to develop the market, with management to create benefits, with the image of service to provide customers with satisfactory services.