Geophysical Prospecting Technology

The company has advanced and reliable geophysical technology equipment, with a variety of intelligent analysis and recording software. It can effectively carry out fine geological structure analysis, stratigraphic lithology analysis, oil and gas reservoir prediction, neural network pattern recognition, geological data target processing and so on.

PS Sand Control Technology

Aiming at the knotty problems of sand production in oilfield development, a new technology has been developed, which solves the knotty problems such as the success rate of conventional sand control, the thin effective sand control layer, the short effective period, and the reduction of permeability after sand control, the sand control efficiency is as high as 90.1% in all districts of Shengli Oil Field and in the oil fields of Turkmenistan. Sand control production period of more than one year is still normal production, a considerable number of Wells production has been 3 years is still in production; The effect of increasing oil is remarkable after sand control.

Drilling Fluid Technology

Our company can provide drilling fluid and completion fluid technical services for various types of wells. Drilling history and experience in special formations such as salt-gypsum, salt-water, nitrate, coal-seam methane, plastic mudstone, carbonate, hydrogen sulfide, lost circulation, etc. . According to the requirements of drilling design and reservoir protection, water-based drilling fluid completion fluid system, oil-based drilling fluid completion fluid system, gas-based drilling fluid completion fluid system, synthetic base drilling fluid completion fluid system, to achieve safe, high-quality, rapid drilling, and improve the protection of oil and gas layers.