Well Logging Engineering

Our company can provide some special item logging, can satisfy each oil field exploration, the development routine logging as well as some specific single item logging need. The company has professional logging equipment, and has set up the Nuclear Logging Laboratory, Acoustic Logging Laboratory, Electrical Logging Laboratory, Production Logging Dynamic Simulation Laboratory and many other domestic first-class basic laboratories, can meet the normal production process of all kinds of downhole tools for calibration. The company has established a sound quality assurance system, has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 and other quality system certification. The company is committed to the quality policy of “Scientific Management, Careful Construction, Fine Interpretation, and Customer First” , dedicated to provide quality services for all clients.

Mud Logging Engineering

Our company mainly undertakes the drilling site mud logging technical service, well site information technical service. The comprehensive mud logging technology is mature and can provide high quality mud logging service for Clients. All kinds of advanced instruments, including DLS, SDL-9000, Drillbyte, ALS-2, SK2000FC, SLZ2, quantitative fluorescence instrument, geochemical instrument, nuclear magnetic resonance logging instrument, Logging Instrument, well location measuring instrument and so on. The complete equipment configuration, the reasonable structure, and the existing mud logging equipment can satisfy the different well mud logging request. The quality of the mud logging is among the best.

Downhole Operation

Our company's downhole operations related to oil and gas exploration and development of exploration wells, production wells, water shutoff, profile control, sand control operations; acidifying of oil and water wells, fracturing, perforation, testing, overhaul, sidetracking, high energy gas fracturing, casing patch, ultrasonic fracturing, CBM test production and related engineering construction and other measures. The company will continue to strengthen the team, equipment, technology, safety and quality, to provide customers with more quality services.

Formation Testing

The company has more than 20 sets of various formation testing equipment with advanced oil testing engineering technology and advanced workover rigs, hoist equipment for wheeled and other workover rigs and a complete range of downhole tools for formation testing, also with a complete set of well control system, kill manifold, various gas detection and protection devices and separators, surface metering equipment and other main formation testing equipment, and can adapt to various harsh surface conditions and complex geological conditions for formation testing and workover operations .